follow site Screaming Peacock’s workshops and trainings make the perfect addition to your conference schedule or great stand-alone events for your organization. Need someone to present during the “dead zone” of your conference – just between lunch and happy hour? Nothing perks up your attention deficit attendees like a little screaming! With customized topics ranging from networking to team building to presentation skills, you can certainly find exactly the workshop your group needs. Also, all topics can also be condensed into keynotes to kick off or wrap up your event.

Build Your Party

Screaming Peacock’s Networking Workshop Build Your Party is Screaming Peacock’s interactive networking workshop for everyone from the outgoing, savvy sales professional to the terrified tech geek. You might think you don’t need to network or that you don’t have time, but everyone needs to network. One day you’re going to need a new client, new vendor, or even a new job. That’s when the networking you’ve already been doing will really pay off. The good news is you probably don’t need to do much to get a significant bump in the ROI on the connections you’re already making. In this workshop you will take away concrete tips on how to make better professional connections both outside and inside your organization. Introverts and extroverts welcome!

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Need something a little more specific?

  • Networking for Professional Groups and Chambers – Hate hearing that your members are quitting because they “aren’t getting anything out of their membership?” Let Screaming Peacock help with your retention by teaching your members simple tips on how to get more out of their investment.
  • Networking for Tech Geeks – Perfect for programmers, engineers, and others who need to get out from behind the screen, but really don’t want to!
  • Networking for Entrepreneurs – Great tips for the start-up owner looking for that first circle of support or the second-level owner working on that next level of funding.
  • Networking for Sales Professionals – You’re in all the organizations. You have the snazzy business cards. Now what?
  • Internal Networking – Attention all large employers! Help your employees make a name for themselves within your company while also facilitating organizational knowledge sharing and better relationships among departments.
  • Networking for Greek Recruitment – It’s totally normal to meet people in a setting where everyone is singing the same song over and over again and people are bouncing and clapping as you walk in, right? No! It’s totally strange! Let Screaming Peacock help with tips on how to have meaningful four-minute conversations, as well as how to come out of recruitment looking like the friendliest chapter on the row! This workshop is perfect for sisters on the “other side” for the first time, but also filled with great reminders for even the seasoned senior!

Does your team scream together?

Screaming Peacock’s Team Building Event

follow link Screaming Peacock will have your team screaming for the energetic, interactive team building workshop – Does your Team Scream Together? Fully customized, non-stop activities are the hallmark of this team building event. Team members participate in exercises that help each member expand their skills of workplace communication, creativity, and synergy, all while getting to know their co-workers in a meaningful way. Participants will walk away with concrete ideas on how to keep the energy going year-round and a little more appreciation for the work every team member does to keep the organization moving.

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Need something a little more specific?

  • Team building Through Better Communication – Feel like there’s a break down in the way your team communicates? Some folks prefer email and won’t even consider a meeting. Others get offended by the tone of emails and want to brainstorm every decision? There’s a way to meet in the middle and help everyone see communication from the other team members’ perspectives.
  • The Great Pizza Challenge – If you’re looking for a very light-hearted, enjoyable team experience or if your team just likes to eat, this might be the event for you! Make your own meal through a fun, challenging team building experience and enjoy spending time together in a melted cheese kinda way.

What are you screaming?

Presentation Skills Workshop

click here You’ll be up and screaming in no time at Screaming Peacock’s hands-on (or, rather, mouth open) presentation skills workshop What Are You Screaming? This workshop addresses every aspect of presentations from assessing the location of a speaking engagement to evaluating the audience to presenting with visual aids. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills in a comfortable environment where no one can get fired for screwing up! Even includes a few tips on the most common forms of presentations – elevator speeches and “hall pass” conversations. Attendees will walk away with concrete tips to apply to their very next presentation.

Need something a little more specific?

  • Presentation Skills for Business Development and Sales Professionals – Need to work on making a pitch you make every week sound fresh for every client? Having trouble reading the audience during a presentation? This workshop focuses specifically on client presentations for those of us who know how to do it, but would like to step it up a notch.
  • Presentation Skills for Beginners – Got a crop of new folks in your organization who need to give internal presentations or who you’d like to put in front of clients soon? Let Screaming Peacock help get them up and running by working basics like the very first words that come out of their mouths and how to present data in a way that won’t put people to sleep.