Are you a Screaming Peacock?

Screaming Peacock’s Keynote Event Are You A Screaming Peacock is the motivation your organization has been screaming for! Perfect for women’s groups like Junior Leagues, Sororities, or Women’s Business Networks. Do you wake up every day ready to be your best self – or, in other words, put your best feather forward? Do you sometimes let yourself have a bad day all day long because you spilled your coffee? Do you let negative people around you bring you down, or are you the positive force bringing them up? You will be up and screaming during this fun-filled, totally relatable workshop about how to get a little more enjoyment out of every day.

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Need something a little more specific?

  • Are You A Screaming Peacock for Women in the Workplace – Is your “9-5” turning into your “Gotta Show Up – Can’t Wait To Leave”? Let Screaming Peacock help you infuse a little more positivity into your productivity while also learning how to help uplift the other women in your workplace. antique telephone hook up Caution: this workshop can be very disturbing for people who totally suck and have no interest in ever being in a good mood.
  • Are You A Screaming Peacock for National Sorority Conferences – Trying to infuse sisterhood throughout a group of gals from every corner of the country? Want to make sure your girls are going back to their schools representing all the values at the core of your organization? Let Screaming Peacock help instill the messages your national officers work so hard to infuse into every aspect of your national conference.