Are You a Screaming Peacock? Are you a Screaming Peacock? is a cross between a self-help book and your favorite “let me tell you about this time” stories. The peacock-themed lessons are ones the author is still admittedly learning every day, and that you have surely come across at some point as well. It’s not as much a revolutionary new message as it is a collection of reminders with a twist-a kick in the tail feather, if you will!

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“Are You a Screaming Peacock?” Book


You might enjoy this if…

  • You have every intention of enjoying your life, but sometimes let the “uglies” distract you
  • You have ever wondered who invented tailgating
  • You wish your “to do” list had a few more “want to do” items and fewer “someone is making me do” items
  • You like bacon or happy hours or were raised in a town with fewer than 10 stoplights
  • You would like to be more conscious about putting your best foot forward… or your best feather forward! book-photo